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Sellers: If you would like to sell your boat or other item in one of our future auctions, please contact us at 561-844-0440 for information. Online submission form closes at 10:59pm Friday before the auction. All late submissions must be coordinated directly through a live auction representative.

Bidders: You can participate in this auction both onsite or online. If you will be joining us live onsite you will need to register for a bidder number, BEFORE you participate. This can be done on preview day (Saturday) or the day of the auction (Sunday). A refundable cash deposit of 300.00 will be required in order to obtain a bidder number. You can not bid without a number. This deposit will be applied to your purchase. If you don't buy anything, your cash deposit will be returned to you before you leave! If you do make a purchase, an additional 400.00 cash will be required toward any additional item that you purchase. This payment will be required immediately before you can bid on any additional items. 

Online Bidding: For those who are too far to bid onsite or prefer convenient online bidding from home, work, or vacation you can click the View Catalog link on this page. The link will take you to Proxibid.com where our catalog is located. To bid online you will need to become a registered member of Proxibid. It's a free service that will allow you to participate in thousands of online auctions. To join our auction you will be required to read thoroughly and agree to our online terms and conditions. Bidders online are subject to all applicable online fees. Online bidder's premium is a non-negotiable fee. To take advantage of lower bidder's premium or for payment in cash, you must be an onsite bidder. Note all balance of payment will be required in certifiable funds. Have questions? Please call us. We are happy to assist. 


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